Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

It's going to be a little quieter around here this week.

We just returned from dropping Cailin off at camp. For the first time. For a week.

My stomach hurts.

That's all I have to say about that.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I took my daughter to camp yesterday, too. I know we don't live very far from each other, so I was wondering if they might be at the same one, but ours ends Thursday & you said yours was for a week. I'd like to know about the camp you found, me.

Bev said...

You mean your heart hurts I imagine. I do remember those days, and nights. It's never easy to loosen your grip of their hand, whether they're six or sixteen or twenty-six. This mothering is not for sissies, that's for sure!

Jenny said...

I'm praying for Cailin to have a wonderful, exciting time away at camp. And I praying for you to have peace while she's there knowing the Lord is with her every step protecting her and comforting her.

Just think of how sweet it will be to pick her up and hear about all of the adventures she had!

I'm terrible at letting go,too...just plain awful. If I were closer I'd give you a big hug!

Jeannene & Gina said...

Praying blessings on your day.