Monday, October 10, 2011

Our First Homecoming

It isn't every freshman whose Daddy is also attending the Homecoming Dance.
Not only was he there chaperoning, but he was the one opening the car doors and escorting the kids out. I soo wish I had a picture of that- this student took his breath away when he saw her.

 My beautiful girl. I love that she wore the corsage on her arm instead of her wrist.
I think she started a trend at the dance!

 Her best friend (boy wise, that is) who was sweet enough to escort her to homecoming when she decided she just wanted to go with a friend, and not one of the boys pursuing her. So much more fun, we thought! He loved (NOT) that people kept telling him he looked like Justin Bieber.
 Practicing their moves!
 Helping her with the corsage. What a gentleman!
This boy is everything a young man should be. I am so glad they are friends.

 We made a last minute appointment to have her hair done, and I am so glad we did!
I never could have even attempted this!
 The real Tam and Cailin!
As hard as it is to believe she has had her first homecoming, it was such a fun experience!
I loved shopping with her to pick out her dress, and then all of us going to help Tam get his clothes (his mother was recovering from surgery, so we got to fill in).
Teenagers are so fun and we had so many laughs together.
As much as I miss the days of little ones, these days are fun and special  in a whole other way.
I am so blessed to be her Mommy and share these memories with her.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Turning 40 was such a turning point for me, as I evaluated where I was in life, and where I wanted to be. I recognized that one of the biggest frustrations for me is my lack of diligence in following through on tasks I set for myself, small and large. So for the past year and a half, I have been slowly  but surely working to improve myself. Sometimes I see huge results, and other times it seems like I am a puddle of inactivity, stuck where I am.

So for the rest of October, I am going to journal here the baby steps I have taken to bring order to my life and home, and the efforts I am making to be better in all areas. This way I can look back and see my daily efforts, and hopefully accomplishments!

  • I sorted through all the cleats in the garage, cleaned them up, and sent them to school with Rusty for donation to The Boys and Girls Club.
  • Went online and checked the girls grades; a dreaded task that I usually procrastinate until it is too late to be of any benefit.
  • Recycled items I really just wanted to toss in the trash. Instead I took the time to remove the labels and rinse clean, before putting them in the recycling bin. (See? How pitiful is it that this is an accomplishment?)
  • Completed nearly all the items on my to-do list for work. It was so nice to start today not feeling like I am already behind.