Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Days

It is one of those rare, dream summer days. Temperatures in the 70s with balmy breezes and no humidity. It's a shame we aren't going anywhere-it could be a great hair day! The girls both were at friends for sleepovers so I awoke to a leisurely morning of Bible study on the front porch, while Rusty got in a 3 mile run (I just remind myself that I am strengthening my heart spiritually while his is improved aerobically!)

Then I was able to head out alone for a stroll through the farmer's market where I loaded up on fresh green beans, potatos, tomatos, squash, and some organic grass fed beef... it sounded so wholesome I couldn't resist. Oh, and corn on the cob and a fresh rosemary plant for the deck. I can only hope the scent will linger in the car- heavenly!

While I was out Cailin and Daddy rode their bikes through the neighborhood and covered 5 miles... love that daddy and daughter time. He really is the most amazing father. Now the girls are helping daddy start another building project on the deck while I start dinner and put fresh sheets on the beds.

A simple day, but filled to the rim with joy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

That Girl!

We have recently been exposed to a whole new level of high quality entertainment in the television viewing arena. It is called Ice Truckers. This is a series about the men who risk their lives every winter hauling freight across a frozen river to a diamond plant in northern Canada. I think. It could be the north pole, I don't really pay a lot of attention, but the girls do.

This isn't something they are ordinarily allowed to watch, but they stayed up with Daddy one night to watch, and seemed quite captivated by the big men and the big trucks, and well, the ice, of course! So it has been a treat this summer to catch a few minutes of this charmer before bedtime. Cassidy, very astutely, noticed that "When the truckdrivers talk you don't hear a lot of their words!". You miss much of their expressions because most of their conversations are edited, and their more "colorful" language is bleeped out. When the girls asked us we just explained that it was to bleep out "bad words", thankful that they are imagining big, burly men in parkas and with frozen eyebrows muttering bu*t or stupid while navigating the frozen tundra.

Today I was out of town for work, and called home to check on the girls, who were celebrating having Nana all to themselves. She put the phone on speaker phone so we could all talk at once, but while we were chatting several calls beeped me on my cell phone. Cassidy heard them and asked Nana, "Is Mommy saying bad words?!".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It always amuses me to hear "my talk" back from the girls.

Just now I went into my room to apologize to the girls for being delayed with some work stuff. I originally told them I would need 10 minutes to prepare a quote for a client ,and then would be there to help them with their new friendship bracelet kits. Unfortunately, my boss called with a bit of a problem that is taking some time to handle. When I went to tell them I was sorry for not being there yet Cassidy said, as she showed me her nearly finished bracelet, "It's ok, I'm occupied."

It's funny... you don't always realize what you are saying to them until they say it back to you. Obviously keeping onesself occupied is a high priority with me!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cailin's 10th Birthday Luau

Everyone agrees that this is the favorite party we have done. We had so much fun we want to have another luau for adults and kids later this summer! The party started with Cailin presenting the girls with leis and grass skirts and teaching them a simple hula. They moved to the front yard for a fun water game of "Tidal Wave" where 2 teams raced to empty their bucket full of water into another using only a sponge. They were hilarious in their skirts trying to race back and forth. Then they played beach ball volleyball, which got a little competitive, so we headed back to the deck for some more dancing and dinner. They also made pillows, did the limbo, smashed the pinata, and danced the night away. Along the way they also opened birthday gifts (playing "hot potato" with a coconut, and whoever had the coconut had their turn sitting by Cailin while she opened their gift) and ate a yummy ice cream birthday cake. The neighbors were wonderful to allow so much noise so late in the evening, but finally around 10:00 we brought the girls inside to watch Freaky Friday and go to sleep- yeah right!
It was a great party, and the girls were all a delight! Truly sweet girls who were well behaved and a joy to have in our home. Cailin is blessed with great friends! Happy Birthday Honey- hope you enjoyed your party!

The pinata. The girls were serious about whacking her with the bamboo, and she split on the 4th hit. We had a couple of softball players- they don't mess around!

Some of the yummy food. The girls absolutely loved the fresh coconut and pineapple, and begged for cocnut milk. Who knew!? OK, I admit... pepperoni pizza wasn't very authentic, so I kept it out of the shot.

The pergola with decorations. Yes, understatement is our trademark. Ahem. (The picture doesn't do it justice, but Rusty went a little crazy with things hanging off the pergola... I told him there is a fine line between fabulous and tacky, and he definitely crossed that line and kept going! Oh well... she loved it and that is what matters:-) )

(No idea why the picture is so small. It is amazing that I am posting pictures of anything. Amazing!)

Coconut cups with the girls' names on them in Hawaiian. The girls loved learning their names, and used them throughout the party. This is from the morning after; cups all washed and neatly lined up by super- daddy. I love that man! He cleans up after the party, and then prepares chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs for 12 little girls the morning after.

I love this picture with my Cassidoodle because she usually isn't a fan of having her picture taken. Isn't she beautiful! (Spoken like a proud Mama or what!)

The birthday girl making her flip flop pillow. These were a huge hit with the girls and a precious keepsake. Way better than I even hoped... when we opened the box up from the store Cailin even said, "Wow, Mom! These are cool! Not cheesy at all!". Can you tell we have had some not so great experiences with crafts from this particular company?

The goodie bags... filled with fondant decorated sugar cookies in the shape of bikinis, flip flops, swimsuits and sunglasses; hawaiian jewelry, luau themed magic washcloths, fruit shaped candy, hibiscus print emery boards, and the leis and grass skirts the girls wore at the party.

Daddy ~ at the girls' service! He mixed up delicious strawberry smoothies, served up in their coconut cups . The girls loved it, and so did Daddy (now known as Mr. Lukei - Rusty in Hawaiian!).

Luau! I am just trying to figuree out how to add pictures- hope this works!
Heard Around Home This Week

From Cailin as I told the girls how awesome it was that we were receiving so many congratulatory calls about Daddy's new job. I explained that everyone was so happy for daddy, and so proud! Cailin said from the backseat, without even looking up from her tamagatchi, " And maybe some of them are just glad to get him out of their hair!".

From Cassidy the day after Teddy (the hamster) was found dead in his cage. "And let's not tell them about the tragedy yesterday." (Of course the cutest part was her little hand cupped around her mouth as she delivered this message.)

Cassidy singing, at bedtime... "I like big butt and I will not lie. It's a truth that I can't deny!".
"Oh my. We don't use that word, and where on earth did you hear that song!?"
"Cailin. (big sister aagh!)
Into Cailin's room where Daddy was tucking her in. "Um, hello Cailin. Where did you hear this song!? "
She giggled , "Shark Tales"!

Have mercy!!