Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heard Around Home This Week

From Cailin as I told the girls how awesome it was that we were receiving so many congratulatory calls about Daddy's new job. I explained that everyone was so happy for daddy, and so proud! Cailin said from the backseat, without even looking up from her tamagatchi, " And maybe some of them are just glad to get him out of their hair!".

From Cassidy the day after Teddy (the hamster) was found dead in his cage. "And let's not tell them about the tragedy yesterday." (Of course the cutest part was her little hand cupped around her mouth as she delivered this message.)

Cassidy singing, at bedtime... "I like big butt and I will not lie. It's a truth that I can't deny!".
"Oh my. We don't use that word, and where on earth did you hear that song!?"
"Cailin. (big sister aagh!)
Into Cailin's room where Daddy was tucking her in. "Um, hello Cailin. Where did you hear this song!? "
She giggled , "Shark Tales"!

Have mercy!!

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