Saturday, February 13, 2016

OK, do you ever feel like God is shouting at you? Not in a bad way of anger, but emphatically wanting so very desperately for you to hear Him?

I love those moments, because I know He only wants me to hear Him so he can bless me with solutions, and I can move forward in hope and in the path he wants to guide me on. I love knowing He cares about me enough to make sure I hear Him, He is actually thinking of me!

Sometimes He "shouts" at me the same thing, but over time. A verse repeated here and there one morning, then a few weeks later, same verse from different sources, or repetition of the verse elsewhere in the Bible.

Well, He has recently been leading me very clearly in one direction, and I want to commemorate it here as  testament to His goodness, so I can look back and see where he started with me and what He had in mind.

So it is this... "His mercy and loving kindness". I have been led to read this in so many places recently, and have reminded myself that it is His character and it is unchanging. But then today I was led to Psalm 136... and the phrase "His mercy and loving kindness endure forever" is repeated in every single verse (26) of that Psalm. Every single verse.

Think He is being emphatic? Think he is making a point?

I will not doubt. I will not question. I have His Word reminding me, His mercy and loving kindness never cease, never fail, and are the very essence of Who He is.

I can rest, and I can trust. I got the Message.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I am growing. I feel God speaking to me, differently though. Typically I hear God in big, bold ways, knowing definitively what He is saying.
Now it is more of a whisper... I think because I have been saying so much, He is showing me how to listen again. For that small, still voice that carries the wisdom of the King.
I have regrets.
I wish I could have a do over at parenting. At being a wife. At being a daughter and friend.
But instead, I believe He is telling me it is ok to start where I am. He is big enough to redeem all my mistakes.
He is bigger than me.
I was never God, and my mis-steps cannot diminish His power in my family's lives.
If I relinquish the reins to Him He can make all things new.
Please, Lord God, forgive my mistakes and let Your supernatural mercies and grace overflow onto my family.