Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To Remember

The Girls Winter 2011
Because I think I will always remember,
But I won't.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Sometimes it is just hard.
I like things to be easy and happy, with everyone doing what they are supposed to, and with a good attitude to boot.
I don't want to have to check for texts that I wouldn't approve, or remind my daughter (again) that she isn't allowed to listen to that particular radio station.
I don't want to ground the other daughter for poorly spoken words to me, as I rush her through her morning routine... rushing only because I allowed her extra sleep after a long, full weekend.
I don't want to hear, as we pull out of the driveway, that one is out of lunch money and now will not have time to pay at the cafeteria.  I will now need to pay it online, for a $2.50 fee. Fee to be paid this once, with grace, next time it will be her obligation.
I don't want to find wet towels on the floor, laundry outside the basket, or forgotten mugs of tea still on the vanity.
If I were doing this job, this mothering, "right", surely I wouldn't have to do these things. At least that is the lie I tell myself as I allow defeat to tire my soul.
But God.
God knows exactly what I need to hear. He knows I need a word of encouragement from another who has been there, who has doubted her abilities at this most important and all consuming task.
He knows I need a reminder that grace is needed for me and for them, my precious girls.
He knows that as much as I want todo this "right", I sometimes hide in books or screen time, escaping to images of beautiful homes and loving families. Seeking inspiration, yes, but in that journey missing beautiful moments of my own.
He knows what I need. I am so grateful that hard means worthy, and that nothing is too hard for Him.

Jeremiah 32:27
I am the Lord your God, the maker of all. Nothing is too hard for me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day Off

The girls don't have school today so the teachers can tally their grades.
Perfect timing, as we have 4 more shows of "A Little Princess" this weekend, and we are all tired. Cassidy is under the weather... I never know if it is allergies or illness, but she perseveres, and I try to be patient to her grumblings.
We slept in, I've worked, done some Bible study, laundered the sheets, and now am tackling the girls bathroom... clutter be gone!
Nothing exciting, but a good day nonetheless.