Monday, May 11, 2009

Must Be a Tween Thing

This story cracked Rusty up, and he had to call me from the car to share in his laugh. My disclaimer: we demand respect from the girls, and her comment was truly given in the spirit of fun, and the result of a long standing joke about Daddy singing in front of her friends.....

Saturday Rusty did all the chauffering of the girls for me, and even managed to carpool several of their friends to CYT. On the way to pick the friends up, he asked the girls what song he should sing for them.

Without pause, Cailin replied, "It's called "Keep Your Mouth Shut and Drive". Hmmm... wonder if it has a beat he could dance to?

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm Back... Sort of...

Computer troubles have plagued me since we moved in a month ago. First, it took us two weeks to have our internet service connected, then I couldn't get on to my blog to update for some unknown reason.

Thought I'd try again today, and woohoo, it let me access my own blog!

It has been a busy month, moving in, getting used to all new routines, and surviving the adjustments involved in moving while your husband is recovering from surgery. Thanks to family and friends, though, we are settling in and loving our new home.

I'l be back soon with updates and pictures... if I can find the cord to uplaod pics from the camera. Ugh!