Monday, February 22, 2010

Love, love, love, love....

Every time I sit down to write about what I love, I keep hearing that song that is always done in rounds at church camps, "Love, love,love, love... the gospel in one name is Love. Love your brother as your neighbor (or is is it love your neighbor as your brother? That would make more sense, wouldn't it? But I am song lyric challenged. Big time. So who knows?) Anyway, here I sit, thinking of what I love and humming that song, and ready to share the love, so here we go...

20. I love the Christian theater group Cailin is in and the friends she has there. It is such a positive experience for her, and the shows are so impressive. Sometimes I forget what a blessing it is for her to be able to enjoy theater and learn so much in an environment that is also Christian and filled with like minded families. Love it!

21. I love seeing Cassidy try new things and discover her own gifts and talents. I think it is so easy for a little sibling to feel over shadowed, particularly by a sister so close to your own age, and this has been a sticky spot for awhile around our household. So it is particularly thrilling for me to see Cassidy trying her own sports, and doing well at them. I can't believe I, the one who refused to play anything even remotely athletic lest I break a sweat (ugh- what a priss I was!) have a daughter who enjoys riding, gymnastics, field hockey, and now lacrosse. Love it!

22. I love seeing our family grow and continue to be "better". I know that sounds weird, but I really think we are constantly evolving as parents and spouses, and it seems like some days we really "get it". I love being married to a man who is willing to try harder, and he inspires me to strive to improve and make our life the best it can be. I love that even though life is good, we both truly want it to be even better and realize we only have one shot to get this right. I love being able to do this life with him and with the girls. Love it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Day 19

I love our shih tzu Sadie.
I love that she is spunky and energetic, and that if she wants your attention she demands it. I love that she is such a goof ball that she climbs in the dishwasher when the door is warm so she can snuggle there, or laps up the water if it is cool. She's a mess.
 I love that she is always happy to see Rusty, and that if he holds her and I try to hug him she pushes me away with her paws and tries to kiss him herself. I think Rusty loves all the blondes fighting over him- HA!
I really do love my little buddy, pain though she may often be,
she is sweet and comical,
and adds so much to our family.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still love...

17. I love the day stretching out in front of me, full of potential, available to spend however I choose. It won't take long to fill those hours with work, cleaning the house, running errands and an evening backstage at Cailin's dress rehearsal, but for now it is a clean slate.
I love the anticipation of what this day will hold.

18. Being the Mommy and wife of this family. I love the trivial moments that meld together to create the pattern of our days... kissing their cheeks and noses until they stir in the morning, rubbing a back to coax them some more, and then finally letting Sadie paw at them until they can't hide the grin and admit defeat- they are awake.

I love end of the day snuggling and prayers before I squeeze in some alone time with Daddy. I love those last sleepy conversations and wish I could linger, but morning comes too soon. I love the rituals and knowing that as soon as I leave Cassidy, she will expect Bunny ( aka Daddy) to hop past her door, awaiting an invitation in. I love that they both demand this silly game, even though she is 11, because it is "theirs" and tradition is everything to them both.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Day 16

This quote by Mother Theresa, found here:

Start by making your own home a place where happiness and love abound,
through your love for each member of your family
and for your neighbor.
Try to put in the hearts of your children a love for home.
Make them long to be with their families.
So much sin could be avoided if our people really love their homes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day 15

OK, now I am 9 days behind... and Blogger, once again, won't let me download
pictures. Or is it upload? I always forget, but whatever.
No pictures. So here we go:
5. My sweet shih tzu puppy Sadie.
She is pure energy and love. And kisses.
6. Real friends, and knowing the
difference between them and acquaintances.
7. Homemade chicken pot pie for dinner,
and the joy of cooking for my family each night.
It is a chore, for sure, but I try to remember the blessing it is
to have abundant food and a family to share it with.
8. A husband who is always on my side
and ready to go to bat for me,
sometimes even when I don't need it:-)
9. A furnace that is repaired and a cozy home.
Hopefully a (much!) reduced electric bill
to go along with it.
 10. A Bible study of diverse
women who are quick to pray
and slow to judge.
11. The privilege and responsibility
of raising two godly young women.
I don't know how God ever deemed me worthy of this task,
except that He knows it will all be through His strength,
and not my own.
12. Seeing glimpses of the women
they will be, and being overwhelmed with gratitude
for their hearts.
13. 30+ inches of snow that forced
us to slow down, and left a wonderland of beauty
that I am still enjoying.
14. Confidence in the decisions
we have made for our family,
and peace, even as others question them.
15. What I love most today, at this moment,
is the knowledge that God loves me...
right where I am. He isn't
waiting for me to be perfect, or even trying to be.
He just loves me and accepts me.
What's not to love about that?

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Deirdre has such a great idea, to spend the month of February dwelling on things we love, that I just have to join in. Since I am 4 days late to the party, I guess I will have a longer list today, which is fine by me since I seem to love so many things!

(One thing I don't love... blogger and the inability to post pictures consistently. Grrr! Now that is un-lovable!)

1. We love because He first loved us. 1John 4:19

I don't know what it is like to live without the peace of knowing I can go into the presence of God at any time, and be accepted and embraced, and I am so thankful to have been raised in a home that shared that truth with me from an early age.
I pray that my life is an example of that love, and that it is especially evident in my home, with my own precious children. I love the time I get to spend snuggled up with a blanket and my tea, surrounded by my studies and journal and Bible. There is no happier time or place in my day, and I am so thankful for those moments in His Presence.

2. I love the sunrise peeking over the treetops in the morning, even though I'm really not a morning person. It always inspires me to want to wake up earlier... it's just the actual waking up part that is still my struggle!

3. I love seeing my girls after they have been away at school or a friends house... even when they wake up after sleeping in. It is like opening a Christmas present everytime I "get them back", and I look at their sweet faces with new appreciation. It amazes me that they will never grasp the depth of my love for them, at least until they are mothers themselves, and then maybe they will begin to understand.

4. I love knowing that I am married to a man who loves me more than himself, and sacrifices endlessly in an effort to bring joy to my life. He truly exemplifies love and inspires me to try harder.

I love "love". Thanks Deirdre for encouraging me to be thankful for all the love in my life!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Days

So far Snow Day #2 has held:

One doggie fashion show.
A cupcake decorating contest.
Several rounds of Wii band hero.
One Cake Boss episode, tivo'd for a day like today.
American Idol Dallas episode.
Homemade french bread pizzas and carrots for lunch.
3 friends playing in the snow.

Meanwhile I have been at work in my office, getting caught up on paperwork since I can't travel.

Not a bad day.