Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day 15

OK, now I am 9 days behind... and Blogger, once again, won't let me download
pictures. Or is it upload? I always forget, but whatever.
No pictures. So here we go:
5. My sweet shih tzu puppy Sadie.
She is pure energy and love. And kisses.
6. Real friends, and knowing the
difference between them and acquaintances.
7. Homemade chicken pot pie for dinner,
and the joy of cooking for my family each night.
It is a chore, for sure, but I try to remember the blessing it is
to have abundant food and a family to share it with.
8. A husband who is always on my side
and ready to go to bat for me,
sometimes even when I don't need it:-)
9. A furnace that is repaired and a cozy home.
Hopefully a (much!) reduced electric bill
to go along with it.
 10. A Bible study of diverse
women who are quick to pray
and slow to judge.
11. The privilege and responsibility
of raising two godly young women.
I don't know how God ever deemed me worthy of this task,
except that He knows it will all be through His strength,
and not my own.
12. Seeing glimpses of the women
they will be, and being overwhelmed with gratitude
for their hearts.
13. 30+ inches of snow that forced
us to slow down, and left a wonderland of beauty
that I am still enjoying.
14. Confidence in the decisions
we have made for our family,
and peace, even as others question them.
15. What I love most today, at this moment,
is the knowledge that God loves me...
right where I am. He isn't
waiting for me to be perfect, or even trying to be.
He just loves me and accepts me.
What's not to love about that?

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Dena said...

LOVE this, all of it. 30+ inches, are you kidding me??? geesh!