Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was just thinking.
They really are His.
As Christians, we all say that, believing it, since He said it.
But today, I felt it.
Really felt that they are Someone else's,
and I am just taking care of them for a while.
Am I speaking to them in the way that He would desire?
Are the decisions I'm making for them according to His will?
Is what I am doing pleasing to Him?

But then, I felt the gratitude of knowing,
 in a wave of comfort and peace,
that He is always steering me in the right direction.
That He chose me to be their Mom.
That He will give me everything I need.
He is.
Not only am I their Mommy, but still His child as well.
He has us covered, all of us.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Cook's Country

I love this magazine!
They test standby recipes (as well as local specialties) and perfect them,
making them delicious and also easy and fast to prepare.
Apparently there is also a show on PBS,
which I haven't seen.
But I will be looking for it.
Especially since it is filmed on this farm, in this house. 
Is this not a dream home, or what?
Apparently this farm still has a few cows and a dairy barn.
Not too many years ago, when it was a 200 acre working farm,
they used to drive the cattle down the main street from the pasture
to the barn for milking.
Doesn't that sound enchanting?
Of course in today's world we would all be so impatient to get
where we were going, that the inconvenience
 of waiting for the cow parade to pass
would be intolerable.
I miss those slower days.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trivial Pursuits

Cailin ate her breakfast at the kitchen counter while Cassidy primped her hair in the bathroom mirror.
We had 10 minutes until I needed to start barking out orders and rushing everyone to the bus, so it was the perfect time to steal away to my office for a few minutes of facebook and blogging.
After a few minutes I felt convicted that these free moments are precious and few, and would be better spent with the girls instead of on the computer, so I immediately popped up the stairs to the kitchen.

As I topped the stairs and could see Cailin's stool, it was bare. She wasn't there any more, she had wandered off in my absence.
The image of the dimmed kitchen, empty now, hit me with an almost physical force. She was gone, and I had missed her.

For the moment she was just down the hall, but too soon, she will be in a dorm or a home of her own, with Cassidy soon to follow, and my kitchen will be empty every day.
I know that God chose to use this morning to speak to me, to remind me of what is truly important, and where my time is to be spent.

The days are fleeting, and as endless as some of them seem, that is an illusion. I want to make better choices, I want to be present, I don't want to miss those moments that may be no more than filling a milk glass, because no matter how trivial, they are with the ones I love.

There is nothing trivial about that.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Good Life

I'm not really a fan of the morning.
Actually, I love mornings once I am awake,
it's just the waking up part
that I struggle with.
So this morning, when Rusty's alarm went off at 5:20
it was very out of character for me to hop out of bed
and get started with the day.
I popped a load of laundry in the dryer ,
(at 10:00 last night I realized Cailin's PE uniform needed to be washed)
put the tea kettle on to boil
 so the girls could have their hot cocoa and tea,
and then started folding the towels that had been blocking
the door to the laundry room for a few days.
Or maybe for a week.

I opened the blinds, made the bed,
and then enjoyed a leisurely time of prayer and journaling.
Mundane or not, as I bustle around the kitchen,
prepping a roast for the crock pot and sorting out the pantry,
I feel so blessed that I get to be the one doing this for my family.

 Cooking, cleaning, and washing out PE uniforms aren't glamorous,
but knowing I will always have things taken care of for the girls,
and that home is here ready for their return,
is a reassurance that is priceless. 

I think glamour must be over - rated, anyway.