Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm still here and all is well. Just busy with work and Christmas and work and, oh yeah, more work!

We are taking off for the mountains next Monday so I am trying to get caught up -ha- on everything before we go.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I awakened this morning with a sense of unease, nothing "wrong", just a general sense of not feeling quite right. Usually this is an indication that I have not been spending time in God's Word and am spiritually depleted, and that is the case again today, I believe.
But it is more specific, too. As I was getting ready to wake the girls, I tiptoed down the hall and realized I was in silence and darkness. No fans blowing white noise, no Christmas cd's blaring, no puppy barking (yet!), and it felt so peaceful. All was right for a moment, and in those few seconds I felt restored.

I realized that even the noises I choose to surround myself can become distracting like noisy, clanging symbols, if I am constantly surrounding myself with those and not making time for the still, peaceful voice of the Holy Spirit.
So I am going to choose time with Him today, in silence, and seeking God and nothing else. I need to hear from Him how I need to change my daily life to allow more time for the silence, so that my heart can be filled with His peace.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Catching Up

Whew! What a fun November! Here are some pictures, in random order since Blogger pictures boggles my brain.

Tuesday we surprised the girls by taking them here as a late celebration of Cassidy's 10th birthday. They thought we were taking Daddy out for lunch, having no idea I had packed their bags and loaded the car the night before. When Rusty suggested that the food might be good at Great Wolf, the pure joy on their faces was contagious. It's a good thing, as 45 minutes into our trip we were stopped for an expired inspection sticker. Oops! We were both so surprised we could do nothing but laugh... and vow to get it taken care of as soon as we returned home. Nonetheless, we had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the time together as a family.

A late night game of checkers after playing ourselves out in the water.

The girls loved their own little cabin in our room. What fun!

As we left... loved the big wolf all ready for Christmas. We can't wait to go back!

Our favorite oompa loompa with Nana and Papa. This is one reason we were in such desperate need fo a getway... play rehearsals and 8 performances wear a girl (and her family!) out.
The best part of every November- celebrating the gift that my sweet Cassidy's birth is to us. So hard to believe that she is in the double digits now... where has my baby gone?