Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quiet, peaceful. Refrigerator humming and the clicking of my keyboard the only sounds, as the rest of the house slumbers on.

But it is more than the quiet of a house in solitude, it's a deeper peace, the calm of storms passed, and normalcy on the horizon.

This week was fraught with weather disasters, but they seemed perfectly symbolic for the upheaval in our home. Changing Cassidy's school at the last minute brought so much friction and stress, as we were already embarking on Cailin's first day of high school. Tension from work kept both Mommy and Daddy on the tips of our toes, and juggling everything threatened to break the dam of control I had a stranglehold on.

A never experienced earthquake shook our day, literally, and sent the week into a tailspin punctuated by a tropical storm and a hurricane. A week that I had planned to be calm and about back to school shopping became, instead, filled with shopping for emergency supplies and schedule changes, as schools closed or let out early.

It was just one of those weeks that felt emotionally charged and draining. But God.

God was with us, and instead of allowing the natural disasters and stress of every day life overwhelm us, He blessed us with time together, a home safe from the storms, and a weekend of calm as the storm raged on all around us.

Once again, God used this world to remind me of His blessing and protection in all things. He is always our calm in the midst of storms. We are not of this world and need not fret, but instead, run to Him as the skies turn black, knowing He has great beauty in store for us,  if we weather all our storms in His safe harbor.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And They're Off!

It never gets easier. Different,  with each stage, but never easier.
I always reminisce and get weepy, they always mock me, "Mooom!".
Pictures in a hurry, as we scurry out the door, typically late already.
The hands I used to hold as we walked in the school, are now cradling a cell phone, pausing from texting long enough to smile for the obligatory pictures.
Backs bowed under the weight of backpacks and hair tossed back as they are oblivious to the ache in my heart.
Seemingly relaxed, nerves must be on edge, but excitement wins the battle of emotions.
Air kisses so I don't smudge lip gloss, and they are off.
One with Daddy, and the other, in a happy surprise, on the bus with her best friend. (SO glad to see Hannah this morning!)
Happy First Day of School Girls. I love you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Day Our World Was Shaken

We had an earthquake yesterday.
Unusual when you live in Virginia!
It was a 5.9, and I truly never want to experience one bigger.
If you haven't been through one, trust me, they are scary.
Cailin and I were home alone getting ready to leave for her first high school (non scrimmage) game, when it sounded like helicopters were landing on our house.
The floor was shaking, and then I realized that instead of calming down it was growing in intensity.
I told her it had to be an earthquake, but I really thought maybe there was an explosion beneath our house or a plane was crashing into our home.
As I watched the windows and walls literally moving, I told her we needed to be in the tub (more used to tornadoes maybe?!) and waited it out with the puppies.
As soon as it calmed down we went outside and everything looked perfectly normal, sun shining, men working at the house across the street. So weird.
We called Daddy and found that we were 25 miles from the epicenter of an earthquake that stretched down the entire East coast.
Cassidy was at her first day of school and the desk she was in tipped over. She then hid under the teacher's desk, smart girl. Smarter than her Mama.
Papa was fishing in the mountains, and sitting in his car having lunch, when he felt his car being shaken back and forth. Thinking someone was hitting his car he was getting ready to jump out and confront them!
Nana was in a meeting at school, even closer to the epicenter, and they all fled the building.
Of course Daddy was at Spotsy getting ready for the first day and could barely walk across the room.
Such an exciting day!
Praising God for safety and protection.
And an extra day of summer, as schools are closed today. Woohoo!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She Knows Us!

Quite possibly my favorite thing she has ever said,
as she bounded down the stairs into the family room,
 "Hello, People who love me!

Truer words have not been spoken.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Go Knights!

Cailin played in her first high school field hockey tournament Saturday.
She worked hard and gave it all.
Her efforts earned her a position on the varsity team.
As a freshman.
So proud of her hard work.
 She's on the hop!
 Love the hair in motion.
In step with Coach Baker.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday Morning

Fernado Ortega on Pandora.

Sweet tea, followed by protein shake. (Weight, please come off...)

French doors open to allow the breeze from our deck to flow through.

In my cozy chair, surrounded by Bible study materials.

How blessed I am to have this Saturday morning.

Friday, August 05, 2011


I want to remember this word, and this day.

It isn't a word I would typically find appealing or relevant, but view instead as stifling the uniqueness in each of us.

I prefer seek and explore. Live loud. Find our special.

But today, God showed me, so sweetly, that those are all fine, but empty without a plan of order.

In Genesis 1:28 God commanded Adam and Eve to subdue the earth; to rule over it in such a way that it is not only mastered, but cultivated, nurtured, and brought to productivity.

What a perfect description of what we are to do for our children, to raise them to live in the gifts God placed in them. To embrace their true selves, the ones God desires them to be.

Today I commit to subduing, not stifling, but cultivating the beauty that is within each girl.

That is true creativity and freedom.

Monday, August 01, 2011

And So It Begins

August 1
Official VHSL athletic sports practices begin.
All around Virginia high school athletes are suiting up for the first sanctioned practice of the 2011 season. (Conditioning goes on all summer).
Cailin is part of it for the first time, as a freshman.
Field hockey 7-11.
Long day.
Praying it is a good day.
Praying it is a good year.
Not sure how we reached this stage.
She is still just a baby, right?