Thursday, August 25, 2011

And They're Off!

It never gets easier. Different,  with each stage, but never easier.
I always reminisce and get weepy, they always mock me, "Mooom!".
Pictures in a hurry, as we scurry out the door, typically late already.
The hands I used to hold as we walked in the school, are now cradling a cell phone, pausing from texting long enough to smile for the obligatory pictures.
Backs bowed under the weight of backpacks and hair tossed back as they are oblivious to the ache in my heart.
Seemingly relaxed, nerves must be on edge, but excitement wins the battle of emotions.
Air kisses so I don't smudge lip gloss, and they are off.
One with Daddy, and the other, in a happy surprise, on the bus with her best friend. (SO glad to see Hannah this morning!)
Happy First Day of School Girls. I love you!

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