Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quiet, peaceful. Refrigerator humming and the clicking of my keyboard the only sounds, as the rest of the house slumbers on.

But it is more than the quiet of a house in solitude, it's a deeper peace, the calm of storms passed, and normalcy on the horizon.

This week was fraught with weather disasters, but they seemed perfectly symbolic for the upheaval in our home. Changing Cassidy's school at the last minute brought so much friction and stress, as we were already embarking on Cailin's first day of high school. Tension from work kept both Mommy and Daddy on the tips of our toes, and juggling everything threatened to break the dam of control I had a stranglehold on.

A never experienced earthquake shook our day, literally, and sent the week into a tailspin punctuated by a tropical storm and a hurricane. A week that I had planned to be calm and about back to school shopping became, instead, filled with shopping for emergency supplies and schedule changes, as schools closed or let out early.

It was just one of those weeks that felt emotionally charged and draining. But God.

God was with us, and instead of allowing the natural disasters and stress of every day life overwhelm us, He blessed us with time together, a home safe from the storms, and a weekend of calm as the storm raged on all around us.

Once again, God used this world to remind me of His blessing and protection in all things. He is always our calm in the midst of storms. We are not of this world and need not fret, but instead, run to Him as the skies turn black, knowing He has great beauty in store for us,  if we weather all our storms in His safe harbor.

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