Friday, August 05, 2011


I want to remember this word, and this day.

It isn't a word I would typically find appealing or relevant, but view instead as stifling the uniqueness in each of us.

I prefer seek and explore. Live loud. Find our special.

But today, God showed me, so sweetly, that those are all fine, but empty without a plan of order.

In Genesis 1:28 God commanded Adam and Eve to subdue the earth; to rule over it in such a way that it is not only mastered, but cultivated, nurtured, and brought to productivity.

What a perfect description of what we are to do for our children, to raise them to live in the gifts God placed in them. To embrace their true selves, the ones God desires them to be.

Today I commit to subduing, not stifling, but cultivating the beauty that is within each girl.

That is true creativity and freedom.

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