Thursday, August 30, 2012

That Girl

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To say that Cassidy is not a fan of math, is putting it mildly.

In fact we've had quite a few screaming matches gentle discussions  over it through the years. So at Back to School Night, when her teacher shared reasons the students liked or disliked math, there was no doubt which side my Cassidy would land on.

Mrs. Copeland encouraged the kids to voice their opinions, so she would know their perspective and how to best help them.  She shared a few of them, from the 80 plus students. Not surprisingly Cassidy's were mentioned on two lists, and I identified her without any clues from the teacher. Just knowing my girl.

Why I dislike math?

"I am more of a spelling person!"

Who do you go to for math help when you have a question?

"My sister, because my parents are terrible at math!"

Not true. I mean, she does ask her sister for help, but just because we make her crazy, and she refuses to believe I know what I'm talking about. That girl!

Friday Night Lights

Cailin's first game as a varsity cheerleader for football.
 My favorite part of every game is seeing the guys run through the banner.
So much anticipation.
 I love that we get to spend our Friday nights as a family.
Rusty has to be there since it's his school, and because he loves football
and wouldn't miss a game!
I love the excitement in the air, the hint of fall air, and I especially love the food!
Barbecue, hot dogs... things I only eat at games.
This game was at a tiny school. So small, in fact, that we were sitting on the baseball
outfield! The two fields were that close!
Cassidy spent the evening doing back  flips, mostly avoiding the red clay dust.

Monday, August 27, 2012

They wanted to watch tv alone, with out Mommy. (Cailin did let me snuggle with her eventually, much to Cassidy's dismay.)

They wanted to do one another's nails.

Giggles abounded.

When Cassidy was crushed with the devastating news that we weren't going to allow her to go to London woth her best friend next summer (Hello! London is far. And expensive. Did I mention far?) she wanted only Cailin to comfort her.

Long days of school and practices have made these two miss one another. I can't praise God enough.

Oh, how I love them, even when I am the odd man out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Days of School 2012

8th Grader
Last Year of middle school.
Be still my heart.

10th Grader- Sophomore
Carrying her cup for making coffee in daddy's office keurig as soon as they arrive.
So apparently, my emphatic no didn't keep the girls from going back to school.
Off they went, happily, at least.
Me? Not so much.
Oh well, it will be a great year, I just miss having my sweet girls at home all day.

Monday, August 20, 2012


I feel like a toddler, my "no" has no power but I am going to say it anyway.

I might even add a foot stomp. It just feels good to say my piece.

I'm not ready to let my girls head back to school, although one already has! I'm still comfortable in denial since Cailin is still home, but that will all change tomorrow.

My 8th grader has enjoyed her first days and is eager for volleyball tryouts.

The sophomore is eager to cheer at her first varsity football game, and I'm sure her AP English is also on her list of "can't wait"! Ha. She has outfits selected for the first week, and notebooks spread all over her floor in various stage of readiness.

This is my 11th first day and I am no more excited than I was for the first 10. I adore my girls and love having them home, even if I am just working while they are doing nails and watching endless episodes of "Bones".

Having them near just makes all well in my world. Back to school? No.

At least for today.