Monday, August 20, 2012


I feel like a toddler, my "no" has no power but I am going to say it anyway.

I might even add a foot stomp. It just feels good to say my piece.

I'm not ready to let my girls head back to school, although one already has! I'm still comfortable in denial since Cailin is still home, but that will all change tomorrow.

My 8th grader has enjoyed her first days and is eager for volleyball tryouts.

The sophomore is eager to cheer at her first varsity football game, and I'm sure her AP English is also on her list of "can't wait"! Ha. She has outfits selected for the first week, and notebooks spread all over her floor in various stage of readiness.

This is my 11th first day and I am no more excited than I was for the first 10. I adore my girls and love having them home, even if I am just working while they are doing nails and watching endless episodes of "Bones".

Having them near just makes all well in my world. Back to school? No.

At least for today.

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