Thursday, August 30, 2012

That Girl

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To say that Cassidy is not a fan of math, is putting it mildly.

In fact we've had quite a few screaming matches gentle discussions  over it through the years. So at Back to School Night, when her teacher shared reasons the students liked or disliked math, there was no doubt which side my Cassidy would land on.

Mrs. Copeland encouraged the kids to voice their opinions, so she would know their perspective and how to best help them.  She shared a few of them, from the 80 plus students. Not surprisingly Cassidy's were mentioned on two lists, and I identified her without any clues from the teacher. Just knowing my girl.

Why I dislike math?

"I am more of a spelling person!"

Who do you go to for math help when you have a question?

"My sister, because my parents are terrible at math!"

Not true. I mean, she does ask her sister for help, but just because we make her crazy, and she refuses to believe I know what I'm talking about. That girl!

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