Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still Waiting

Well, after being awakened at 6:30 a.m. and told to be ready for pre-op at 9:00, my Dad spent the day in anticipation of the surgery that was ultimately not to happen today.

Unfortunately, the first surgery of the day, which began at 7:00, lasted until 6:30 p.m., and the surgeon was in no shape to begin another surgery. So Dad was returned to his room, and re-scheduled for Saturday.

We know that God's timing is perfect and Saturday will be great, it is just hard to be patient.

We are praising God and are so grateful for all the prayers in our behalf.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Daddy

This has been a rough week.

Friday night when we arrived to pick up Cassidoodle form camp, we were delighted (but NOT surprised) to find that my parents had not been able to resist, and had driven down to be with us when we picked Cassidy up from camp. Forget that it was a nearly 2 hour drive, each way, or that they would see her only for a 15 minute camp show and then make the return drive. They had to be there to see their girl.

My parents are like that. And I'm glad.

We took pictures, kissed our girl a lot, laughed, and then headed home.

Sunday my Mom called to tell me Dad was in the hospital, it looked like maybe he had a heart attack. My perfectly healthy, strong, invincible Dad could not have had a heart attack. It was inconceivable. Unfortunately, he had, and he now has to have a triple bypass tomorrow. I don't have the heart or time to go into detail. The short story is that he is blessed, he is in great health, he has an excellent surgeon, and I know God will bring him through this stronger than ever.

We will all change our habits and go on, in better health than ever. But the fact is that I am a Daddy's girl, and this hurts. Worse than anything else in my life. So, if anyone reads this, I just ask that you pray for my Dad on Thursday at 2:00. Please.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Fun

For some reason I have been neglecting to take pictures of all the fun we are having this summer. That is so unlike me, because one of my favorite pastimes is to look at old pictures, still on my computer, and get all sentimental about life with my girls.

I don't know why I haven't taken pictures...we have done plenty that is memorable. I don't want to forget the precious times we have spent together, so instead of pictures, here is a list to be my visual reminder when I feel like getting sentimental about the summer of 2008. Oh, and I intend to get that camera out right now and start snapping away!

  • Vacation Bible School with our friends at the church we recently began attending. Both girls enjoyed it- yay, a hit!
  • Lunch out with new friends, and the fun of discovering we live in the same neighborhood.
  • Trip to the doctor for Cailin's middle school shots and camp physicals. Maybe not fun, but definitely memorable.
  • Visiting Daddy's school for the year's last staff meeting and luncheon so he could show off his girls.
  • A visit from our precious "chosen family", the Brammers.
  • A trip to the Spy Museum in DC... very cool!
  • Movies on the deck with popcorn and home made ice cream.
  • Swimming at the lake with Nana and Papa, and lounging on "Palm Island" for hours.
  • Swimming with the ducks.
  • Sleepovers and chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.
  • A week at camp for both girls- such a treat!
  • Dinner on the deck when there is a breeze.
  • Mornings at the barn cleaning tack and riding ponies.
  • Playing webkinz on the computer.
  • Seeing the new American Girl movie, Kit Kittredge, the week it came out in the theaters.
  • Watching fireworks over the lake at Nana and Papa's, and the added bonus of running into friends to enjoy them with.
  • Afternoons at the pool, that turn into dinner at the pool and late bedtimes.
  • Mommy and Daddy date nights while the girls enjoy overnights at Nana and Papas.
  • The anticipation of vacation to Myrtle Beach coming up! Surely I can manage pictures of that?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Return To "Camp Granada"

Well, I can't believe it, but I actually let Cassidy go off to camp, even though I barely survived the week her older sister was gone.

After hearing Cailin's tales of camp fun Cassidy was more excited than ever to go, but her Daddy and I were prepared to forfeit the entire camp fee if she would stay home with us. A week spent in the hot garage preparing for a yard sale was no match for the zip line, blob, and archery camp offered, however, so off Little Bit went, for her first time away at camp.

I am actually so proud of her for going, and praying she is having a ball! I can't wait to hear all about it Friday when we pick her up, and am counting the minutes until I can kiss that sweet little nose. Here are some pics of my little one as we dropped her off and settled her in.

Cassidy ready to register and check out her cabin. I love this sign post telling the kids where to go for all their fun activities.

Ever faithful friend Piggy, keeping Cassidoodle from missing home too much, I hope. Both girls used my old sheets from college... yes, they have cows on them, and no I have no idea why I was so fascinated with cow memorabilia as a freshman design major. I promise that phase passed quickly, but years later all those accessories are wildly popular with my girls. Of course we had to have a shot of the sisters... I tried to duplicate all the shots we took when we dropped Cailin off at this same camp two weeks ago.
Can't wait to see that girl!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's Back!

I didn't get to go with our family, the Schmaltz's (anyone familiar with Father of the Bride... it is us- we are schmaltzy and sentimental), to pick up Cailin Anne from camp. I was attending the Women of Faith conference in Washington D.C., and missed out on the 2 hour trek to be reunited with my sweet pea.

Yes, I felt terribly guilty. Yes, I tried to give my ticket away when I realized I needed to be in two places at once. No, it didn't work out for me to change my plans, so Daddy took lots of pictures to ease my guilt and suffering.

Here is Cailin with her younger, although not littler, sister Cassidy. When Rusty showed up to pick up Cailin's things, they asked him if he was there to pick up "Cay". Apparently there was a bit of a name change last week. Hm.

The biggest draw for camp besides the zip line. This is "The Blob", where counselors bounce and catapault young campers into the air before plunging into the lake. When we saw this beautiful lake we decided the whole family wanted to go to camp!
The moment Cassidy waited the entire week for. I am tearing up again just seeing the love these two share. I think being separated for this week was one of the best things ever for their tender relationship, as they realized just how blessed they are to have one another. I know that since Cailin has been home we have all treasured our time together as a family, even more than usual.
Name tag on her bed, and proof of her week long "identity crisis". Too fun!

Welcome home, sweet girl.

Now I need to get ready to let her little sis head back to the same camp next week. Somehow I don't think it will be any easier the second time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

It's going to be a little quieter around here this week.

We just returned from dropping Cailin off at camp. For the first time. For a week.

My stomach hurts.

That's all I have to say about that.