Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Fun

For some reason I have been neglecting to take pictures of all the fun we are having this summer. That is so unlike me, because one of my favorite pastimes is to look at old pictures, still on my computer, and get all sentimental about life with my girls.

I don't know why I haven't taken pictures...we have done plenty that is memorable. I don't want to forget the precious times we have spent together, so instead of pictures, here is a list to be my visual reminder when I feel like getting sentimental about the summer of 2008. Oh, and I intend to get that camera out right now and start snapping away!

  • Vacation Bible School with our friends at the church we recently began attending. Both girls enjoyed it- yay, a hit!
  • Lunch out with new friends, and the fun of discovering we live in the same neighborhood.
  • Trip to the doctor for Cailin's middle school shots and camp physicals. Maybe not fun, but definitely memorable.
  • Visiting Daddy's school for the year's last staff meeting and luncheon so he could show off his girls.
  • A visit from our precious "chosen family", the Brammers.
  • A trip to the Spy Museum in DC... very cool!
  • Movies on the deck with popcorn and home made ice cream.
  • Swimming at the lake with Nana and Papa, and lounging on "Palm Island" for hours.
  • Swimming with the ducks.
  • Sleepovers and chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.
  • A week at camp for both girls- such a treat!
  • Dinner on the deck when there is a breeze.
  • Mornings at the barn cleaning tack and riding ponies.
  • Playing webkinz on the computer.
  • Seeing the new American Girl movie, Kit Kittredge, the week it came out in the theaters.
  • Watching fireworks over the lake at Nana and Papa's, and the added bonus of running into friends to enjoy them with.
  • Afternoons at the pool, that turn into dinner at the pool and late bedtimes.
  • Mommy and Daddy date nights while the girls enjoy overnights at Nana and Papas.
  • The anticipation of vacation to Myrtle Beach coming up! Surely I can manage pictures of that?!


Jenny said...

Ooohh! All of those things sound so wonderful!

I envy you that you are able to enjoy movies on your deck with popcorn and ice cream. That sounds like so much fun! If we tried that here in Texas we would be eaten alive by mosquitoes. That kind of take the fun out of it!

We have really enjoyed our mornings at the barn, too. Who knew that cleaning tack and grooming horses could be so therapeutic! I love it!

I'm glad y'all are having a great summer. And I know your excited to have Cassidy back at home soon. It will be fun to hear about her summer camp adventures. Do you think she changed her name, too? :)

Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds like a wonderful, fun summer.

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

What a great summer. I have (almost "had" now) the month of July off work, and I made great use of it for summer fun, too!