Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's Back!

I didn't get to go with our family, the Schmaltz's (anyone familiar with Father of the Bride... it is us- we are schmaltzy and sentimental), to pick up Cailin Anne from camp. I was attending the Women of Faith conference in Washington D.C., and missed out on the 2 hour trek to be reunited with my sweet pea.

Yes, I felt terribly guilty. Yes, I tried to give my ticket away when I realized I needed to be in two places at once. No, it didn't work out for me to change my plans, so Daddy took lots of pictures to ease my guilt and suffering.

Here is Cailin with her younger, although not littler, sister Cassidy. When Rusty showed up to pick up Cailin's things, they asked him if he was there to pick up "Cay". Apparently there was a bit of a name change last week. Hm.

The biggest draw for camp besides the zip line. This is "The Blob", where counselors bounce and catapault young campers into the air before plunging into the lake. When we saw this beautiful lake we decided the whole family wanted to go to camp!
The moment Cassidy waited the entire week for. I am tearing up again just seeing the love these two share. I think being separated for this week was one of the best things ever for their tender relationship, as they realized just how blessed they are to have one another. I know that since Cailin has been home we have all treasured our time together as a family, even more than usual.
Name tag on her bed, and proof of her week long "identity crisis". Too fun!

Welcome home, sweet girl.

Now I need to get ready to let her little sis head back to the same camp next week. Somehow I don't think it will be any easier the second time.


Jenny said...

It sounds like Cailin had a great time! I know you are relieved to have her back home. The picture of the lake is beautiful! Summer camp makes such sweet memories.

I bet it was hard not being able to go pick her up. Aghh...the joys of motherhood guilt! But going to Women of Faith is pretty awesome, too. I'm an annual attender of that conference! I feel so filled up and encouraged after a weekend with those great ladies! Did you have fun? How did you do on your plane ride?

Have a great day!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I hope she enjoyed it. My girl enjoyed her camp...but it rained quite a bit. Still, she had a good time.