Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Daddy

This has been a rough week.

Friday night when we arrived to pick up Cassidoodle form camp, we were delighted (but NOT surprised) to find that my parents had not been able to resist, and had driven down to be with us when we picked Cassidy up from camp. Forget that it was a nearly 2 hour drive, each way, or that they would see her only for a 15 minute camp show and then make the return drive. They had to be there to see their girl.

My parents are like that. And I'm glad.

We took pictures, kissed our girl a lot, laughed, and then headed home.

Sunday my Mom called to tell me Dad was in the hospital, it looked like maybe he had a heart attack. My perfectly healthy, strong, invincible Dad could not have had a heart attack. It was inconceivable. Unfortunately, he had, and he now has to have a triple bypass tomorrow. I don't have the heart or time to go into detail. The short story is that he is blessed, he is in great health, he has an excellent surgeon, and I know God will bring him through this stronger than ever.

We will all change our habits and go on, in better health than ever. But the fact is that I am a Daddy's girl, and this hurts. Worse than anything else in my life. So, if anyone reads this, I just ask that you pray for my Dad on Thursday at 2:00. Please.


Jenny said...

Without a doubt, I am praying now and will continue to pray for your sweet Daddy.

I know you are worried. It doesn't seem to matter how old we get, we still need our Daddy.

You are probably filled with fear right now. Remember that God is in control. Trust in His provisions. He is the same God that miracloulsly healed Cailin's hand back in March.

What a blessing it is to know that your Dad has an excellent surgeon. Both my grandma and uncle had bypass surgery a few years ago. They are better than ever now!

God is good!

If you can, give us an update tomorrow so we know how he's doing.

I'm praying!

Brenda said...

I've sent my daddy in for a triple bypass and another big surgery. I know how it feels. (He's very healthy now, by the way!)

I will be praying!

ginny said...

Didn't read this until Thursday night, but I'll be praying...and looking for an update tomorrow.