Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Return To "Camp Granada"

Well, I can't believe it, but I actually let Cassidy go off to camp, even though I barely survived the week her older sister was gone.

After hearing Cailin's tales of camp fun Cassidy was more excited than ever to go, but her Daddy and I were prepared to forfeit the entire camp fee if she would stay home with us. A week spent in the hot garage preparing for a yard sale was no match for the zip line, blob, and archery camp offered, however, so off Little Bit went, for her first time away at camp.

I am actually so proud of her for going, and praying she is having a ball! I can't wait to hear all about it Friday when we pick her up, and am counting the minutes until I can kiss that sweet little nose. Here are some pics of my little one as we dropped her off and settled her in.

Cassidy ready to register and check out her cabin. I love this sign post telling the kids where to go for all their fun activities.

Ever faithful friend Piggy, keeping Cassidoodle from missing home too much, I hope. Both girls used my old sheets from college... yes, they have cows on them, and no I have no idea why I was so fascinated with cow memorabilia as a freshman design major. I promise that phase passed quickly, but years later all those accessories are wildly popular with my girls. Of course we had to have a shot of the sisters... I tried to duplicate all the shots we took when we dropped Cailin off at this same camp two weeks ago.
Can't wait to see that girl!

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Debbie said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by the other day to hear about my witnessing a grown woman eat ear wax in my presence! I can't believe your kids went away to camp. I'd be balling and missing them, too. But I know they have to do things like that at some point...but still....