Friday, October 08, 2010

Cook's Country

I love this magazine!
They test standby recipes (as well as local specialties) and perfect them,
making them delicious and also easy and fast to prepare.
Apparently there is also a show on PBS,
which I haven't seen.
But I will be looking for it.
Especially since it is filmed on this farm, in this house. 
Is this not a dream home, or what?
Apparently this farm still has a few cows and a dairy barn.
Not too many years ago, when it was a 200 acre working farm,
they used to drive the cattle down the main street from the pasture
to the barn for milking.
Doesn't that sound enchanting?
Of course in today's world we would all be so impatient to get
where we were going, that the inconvenience
 of waiting for the cow parade to pass
would be intolerable.
I miss those slower days.

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