Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Days

It is one of those rare, dream summer days. Temperatures in the 70s with balmy breezes and no humidity. It's a shame we aren't going anywhere-it could be a great hair day! The girls both were at friends for sleepovers so I awoke to a leisurely morning of Bible study on the front porch, while Rusty got in a 3 mile run (I just remind myself that I am strengthening my heart spiritually while his is improved aerobically!)

Then I was able to head out alone for a stroll through the farmer's market where I loaded up on fresh green beans, potatos, tomatos, squash, and some organic grass fed beef... it sounded so wholesome I couldn't resist. Oh, and corn on the cob and a fresh rosemary plant for the deck. I can only hope the scent will linger in the car- heavenly!

While I was out Cailin and Daddy rode their bikes through the neighborhood and covered 5 miles... love that daddy and daughter time. He really is the most amazing father. Now the girls are helping daddy start another building project on the deck while I start dinner and put fresh sheets on the beds.

A simple day, but filled to the rim with joy.


SAH said...

Love it - filled to the rim with joy. That's how I feel!

Kelly said...

My husband has just just informed me that the show is called Ice ROAD Trucker, not Ice Truckers. Sorry for the confusion. I am sure you were all searching the TV listings for wrong show.

Penless Thoughts said...

Your weather sounds so lovely we are cooking in the hot Oklahoma sun with high humidity.

Robin said...

It's in the lower 90's here, but I love it as it makes for perfect pool weather!

Although the mid-70's make me think I could use some fall too.