Monday, July 16, 2007

That Girl!

We have recently been exposed to a whole new level of high quality entertainment in the television viewing arena. It is called Ice Truckers. This is a series about the men who risk their lives every winter hauling freight across a frozen river to a diamond plant in northern Canada. I think. It could be the north pole, I don't really pay a lot of attention, but the girls do.

This isn't something they are ordinarily allowed to watch, but they stayed up with Daddy one night to watch, and seemed quite captivated by the big men and the big trucks, and well, the ice, of course! So it has been a treat this summer to catch a few minutes of this charmer before bedtime. Cassidy, very astutely, noticed that "When the truckdrivers talk you don't hear a lot of their words!". You miss much of their expressions because most of their conversations are edited, and their more "colorful" language is bleeped out. When the girls asked us we just explained that it was to bleep out "bad words", thankful that they are imagining big, burly men in parkas and with frozen eyebrows muttering bu*t or stupid while navigating the frozen tundra.

Today I was out of town for work, and called home to check on the girls, who were celebrating having Nana all to themselves. She put the phone on speaker phone so we could all talk at once, but while we were chatting several calls beeped me on my cell phone. Cassidy heard them and asked Nana, "Is Mommy saying bad words?!".


Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting and for your encouraging comment.
I look forward to reading more!

ivey elizabeth said...

that's good. hopefully they were just calls coming in...not bleeping you out! and yes, that show is pretty incredible.

Just Tera said...

Love your blog and thank you for the vote for Emma. Will try to keep everyone updated how she does. :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh my...another Ice Road Trucker fan...My three boys are captivated by all things Discovery Channel..:))