Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why Can't Every Weekend Be a Holiday?

Since my brain is still sluggish form the weekend of leisure, I think bullet points are the perfect way to express myself today, as I mull over the fun 3 days we enjoyed...

  • UGH! Cailin woke up with a fever of 102, so she stayed home, and her sleepover with her best friend was cancelled. The doctor wanted to rule out strep, so we spent some quality time together doodling on the exam table paper covering, and waiting for the "good" news that we only suffered with a virus, and were strep free. Woohoo! After a stop at walmart for Popsicles, tissues, motrin, soup and movies, we were able to snuggle the day away.
  • No riding, so Cassidy came home and got ready for a fun night at the Chris Sligh concert that her school hosted (He was an American Idol contestant and now a Christian artist- I didn't know that... but I also live under a rock). Her friend Kait was sleeping over, and I made sure to give her Mom the lowdown on the germ situation in our house. I am germophobic and always feel I need to give others the option to steer clear whenever we are sick. Her Mom is a nurse and much more even keeled than I, and said no problem, thankfully! We had a great time at the concert, and I was so blessed to see the gymnasium filled with kids and teenagers worshiping and praising God together. Truly awesome!


  • Nothing. That's right, I said it. Blessedly nothing.


  • Church and then a crab feast / cookout with our dear friends Troy and Erika. They are the kind of friends you can always relax and just be yourself with, and your kids can do the same. They have several acres of land, and it is so peaceful, that at the end of the day we drove around their neighborhood looking at houses for sale. They have dirt bikes for their 3 boys, and after riding with daddy, Cailin decided to try it herself on one of the smaller bikes. Oh mercy. I think my sweet little girl has a wild side.


  • Our hero, Daddy, spent the day with all of his girls at the outlet mall. What a guy. He even volunteered to take the girls to Claire's, when he heard me tell them I just could.not.do.it this time. Just one more example of why I love him so. I could have spent the entire time at Books-a-million. Oh my. Have you been? It is wonderful. Lots of books, cheap. Need I say more?
  • Home to grill salmon and corn on the cob with Nana and Papa. Have I mentioned how much we all love having my parents stay with us while Dad recuperates? In case I haven't, let me state for the record, we LOVE having them here. It will be a sad day around here when they go to their own home. They have been here 4 weeks today, and we have been so blessed to be together and see Dad grow stronger every day. The girls pop downstairs first thing every morning before school, and first thing when they get home. Such a precious time together.

So that was our holiday weekend. Simple, relaxing, and just what we all needed to recover from the first week of school.


Jenny said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend (except for Cailin getting sick). It's always a relief when it's not strep! I hope she's feeling better now.

I didn't realize that your parents were staying with you. I think that's wonderful! That's a surprise blessing! I know you are loving having them there. I bet it's helping your Dad immensely to see his granddaughters on a daily basis. What a great place to recover!

Have a great Tuesday!

Talk to you soon~

Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds lovely except for the ill child.