Sunday, September 28, 2008

She loves me!

My little Cassidy is reserved in her lovin', which is unique in our exuberant family. Constantly hugging and kissing one another, we are kept in check from violating her personal space. Her heart is as full of love as a bottomless well, she just isn't as comfortable expressing it, so when we do find ourselves on the receiving end of a spontaneous hug or kiss, we are pretty proud.

Friday evening, after being away on business for two, long days, I pulled into my parents driveway around 10:00. Cassidy was waiting up for me in the guest bed with Nana, and when my Mom heard the car, she asked Cassidy, "Is that Mommy?"

Mom said she tucked her legs up tight to her chest, grinned ear to ear, and said, "Oh, I have tickles in my tummy, and I don't know why!" She may not gush "I love you's" to me all day long, but getting butterflies in her tummy when she knows we are to be reunited is good enough for me.

Oh, how I love that girl!

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