Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today , as I drove the girls to school, I realized again what a gift my life is. A life filled with the everyday tasks of taking my children to school or soccer or field hockey, planning end of year school parties and gifts for teacher appreciation days, hours spent on laundry or cooking or shopping. Truly mundane tasks. Yet they are each a gift, because they are ways I can serve my family. The family that God has so graciously given me.

Mine is not a life of great sophistication or wealth. I certainly am not the jetsetter I dreamed of as a little girl.... flying off to clients in Paris or London. My clients don't invite me to extravagent parties or to accompany them to Europe to buy antiques. I'm not using my high school french to order in fine restaurants as I once hoped. Instead I am a regular at Sonic, where my daughters love the slushes that are a step up from normal soda at McDonald's. My clients are young families who want a beautiful home on a budget. Jet setting now consists of a weeekend at the beach somewhere with a lazy river for the kids.

My life is not what I planned as a young, idealistic girl. Most of the dreams I had have not been realized. Instead God recognized that my dreams were too small, and He replaced them with His own wonderful, grandiose visions of a family dwelling in His care, loving one another and loving Him. Thank God for His infinite wisdom and grace.


Military Mommy said...

Wow. Beautifully written, kelly. Your words flow out so sweetly - a true gift. :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog today. The method I have found for filing receipts in my purse is to! :)

Have a fun day,

ginny said...

That was beautiful. Parts sound familiar to me and I couldn't agree more with them. :)