Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sometimes, out of nowhere, I just get that bubbly "blessed" feeling inside. It is Easter Break and the girls have been off since Good Friday, and Rusty took the week off, too. It has been so relaxed and pleasant that I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the blessing it has been. What a rare treat to have our whole family home together, just doing lots of "nothing".

Nothing as in...
Cleaning out the garage (and taking everything to goodwill or to the dump! You're the man honey!)
Cassidy having a sleepover at a friends and going to Funland, too!
Having a blessed Easter service at church.
Sharing a fun egg hunt with our friends from next door.
A delicious ham dinner prepared by Mommy (who needs heavenly hams!?)
A wonderful surprise from Nana and Papa who made it back from the mountains in time for dinner.
Yummy ice cream treats from Sonic with Nana and Papa
Fun shopping at Justice - who can resist!?
A sleepover at Nana's and making yummy brownies to share.
LOTS of playing outside with neighborhood friends.
Mommy getting caught up on laundry and housework. Woohoo!
Sleepover with 2 special friends and fun in the hot tub!
A day at the lake with our preschool playgroup friends (we must have would really enjoy a boat!)
A wonderful weekend at the beach.
Putt putt golf... feeding the giant carp at Broadway on the Beach... touring a battleship... walking on the beach and enjoying the sheer joy of the girls as they did cartwheels instead of walking:-)

Yes, it was a wonderful break together filled with lots of my favorite type of "nothing"!

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