Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When I want to make myself cry I look at pictures like this one.
She is weeks from finishing her last quarter of middle school,
and heading to high school in the fall.
Leaving her Christian school to head off to public school in her sister's footsteps,
with Daddy as her principal.

How I adore this sweet little face and miss these days.
I never wished them away, and tried to embrace each moment.
But honestly, Mommying is hard, and there were so many moments that were
busy and tiring and just lived instead of cherished.
As much as I talked of soaking them up,
it truly felt like a bottomless barrel of kisses and giggles
and sweet nose kisses.
I somehow believed she would always want to sit on my lap
and be by my side as I worked, and she crafted.
I was wrong.
How I wish for just one day of do overs with my baby girl.
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