Monday, August 09, 2010

Will They Ever Stay Home Again?

Cailin in her first cheer uniform,
getting ready to leave for a week of camp.
I'm so proud of her for trying out for the jv squad, as an 8th grader,
and making it even though it was her first time cheering.
I hope she has a great week with her friends
and learns all kinds of new techniques.
However, I did mention to her that if she wanted to
stand off to the side and just applaud her teammates,
instead of being a "flyer" I would be totally ok with it:-)
To add insult to injury, while she is at camp
Nana and Papa are taking Cassidy camping,
so I am, once again, home without my girls!
Oh, well, it gives Rusty and I the opportunity to clear out the
basement so we don't look like we belong on Oprah as hoarders!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! I know you are proud!!