Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colossians 3

I may be the last to notice this, but Colossians 3 is like a hand book for the family. It is so powerful I have started reading through it each morning during my devotions, to encourage me and remind me of what God expects of me.
Today this verse really spoke to me...
Colossians 3:15: Let the word spoken by Christ have its home and dwell in you in all its richness, as you teach and admonish and train one another in all insight and intelligence and wisdom (in spiritual things, and as you sing) psalms, making melody to God with His grace in your hearts.

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Bev said...

Kelly, I'll have to check it out tomorrow during my devotions. Always good to have a fresh eyes, thanks for the tip to take another look at it! I don't think I've told you lately but wanted to thank you for all the visits you've made to my blog - much appreciated!