Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He Rocks Our World

The girls and I are so thankful for this guy.
He was especially handy on vacation.
He was our back pack wearing super hero and carried our pursess
(and snacks and water!) everywhere. The girls loved it (NOT!) when he and I sang the Dora song "Backpack, backpack" before every excursion.
I love him even when he sees me approaching with another "BE CAREFUL" warning,
 and pushes our daughter off the rock she is standing on,
(which I happened to think was on the edge of the cliff )
He thinks he is sooo funny. I do too, in spite of myself.
I love him because he is game for anything and poses for
silly pictures.
I love the way he is truly present when he is with us, and involved with the girls.
He works hard and has long days,
 but when he is home with us he is a part of whatever we are doing and not distracted.
I love the fact that he has no pride and will pose with his dinner for me.
Better yet, I love that he shared it!

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Bev said...

He IS cute, and isn't it fun to be together on the ride of life with someone who enjoys it as much as you do?! I'm with you - a guy who will pose for a silly photo is someone who is pretty comfortable in his own skin and with his masculinity - you are blessed indeed!