Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Thoughts, Except It Is Tuesday

  • Why was I so convinced that September 21st was the 1st day of fall? I still think I am right:-) There's no way I could have been wrong all these years and have just now discovered the fact!
  • I am so grateful for the automatic lift up gate of my minivan. How convenient to push a button on my key and have it open from a distance. Driving my other, older non-automatic gate minivan this weekend made me have a whole new appreciation for this feature. Oh how I wish I had it when the girls were little... and my arms were always full and I was afraid to put a child down lest they run straight into traffic or be abducted. (Yes, these were my thoughts every single time we went shopping. I think I need to relax!)
  • I'm thinking the above statement says volumes about our household. We have two minivans. I swore I would never own a minivan. Two now reside in our garage, joined by Rusty's 16 year old Jeep wrangler. I don't think anyone covets our cars. That's ok. I wouldn't want to make anyone sin.
  • So far in 7th grade Cailin has begun a fantasy book report, created an island with accurate topographical features, learned about castles and medieval times, and is tackling pre-algebra. She is also on the Praise Team and running for Student Government. 7th grade is fun!
  • For the first time , 5th graders at our school have lockers and change classes. Cassidy loves it, praise the Lord! Except I just remembered that she told me Friday her lock broke and I need to buy her a new one. Ugh! Will I ever be caught up?
  • I began Beth Moore's "Daniel" study last week and am so captivated that I raced through 3 days of homework in one. I am now trying to pace myself on the last two days to postpone being finished and wanting to skip ahead. Wow! This one is a good one, and clearly what God has been preparing me for all summer.
  • I really hope to get caught up on my to do list this week. I have been carrying over the same things for so long I should have them permanently engraved as daily tasks.

I better tackle that list, maybe I can cross one thing off today. Happy Fall!


Kathryn said...

Sounds like Cailin and Katy have a lot in common! :-)

"Daniel" is a great study ... very rich.

I love autumn and pray that this fall will be rich with harvest for you and your family!

PS-Had to laugh about the minivans. :-D

Brenda said...

Sept. 21 is NOT the first day of fall?

Cause I told the girls it was.

I thought that too.

Really, its not?