Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Roller Coaster

There's a perfectly good reason I don't like roller coasters- the constant dread. I spend the entire ride fearing the inevitable twists and turns, climbs and sudden descents, that take my breath and make me feel as though I'm on the verge of a panic attack. My daughters, however, both love them, begging to ride the bigger and more thrilling rides; and when they do, I spend the whole time in prayer- for their safety or a change of heart that will send them out of the line and back to me. Clearly I like security.

This month has been a roller coaster of activities and emotions, and I've had to fight the same feelings of panic, calming my spirit with God's Word and reminders of His faithfulness to me in the past. So as I have had many highs and lows, the thrilling part of this "ride" has been how God has met me at each turn and held me through each free fall. The highs have outweighed the lows, and I am frantically journaling the process, because this will be at the top of those times I refer back to for reassurance of His faithfulness. Despite my feelings, I have in fact, had the constant security of knowing my Heavenly Father has great plans for me.

Here's what's been going on around here...
  • Sell our house for less than we hoped, but more than the market predicted.
  • Frozen pipe burst shortly before accepting contract, and the next 4 days were a flurry of carpet cleaning, plumbing, and writing of checks. UGH!
  • As soon as we offered a contract for the house we've wanted since January, another offer came in and we entered into a week long bidding "war". (It's hard for me to call it a "war", though, since I was praying for the other family and trusting God that it would all work out for every one's best.)
  • During the home inspection of our current house, radon was discovered in the basement, as well as the potential threat of a leak in our water main. Which is located beneath our driveway. Translation: a VERY expensive repair... on a house we wouldn't even be enjoying any longer.
  • We received the news that we did, in fact, "win" (at a higher cost than hoped- noticing a trend here?) the house we have been dreaming of. Woohoo!
  • After 2 plumbing companies and the county water workers inspected our lines, we were deemed leak-free. Woohoo! Of course the buyers still want to come back for yet another opinion, so I am praying the same verdict is given today.
  • Rusty had a spinal fusion last Wednesday, which is extremely painful and requires him to basically do nothing but rest and take two short daily walks for the next 5 weeks. Perfect timing ... we don't have much going on anyway, other than packing 3 stories of treasures and moving them across town.
  • Spring has sprung, despite the temperatures feeling otherwise, which means field hockey joins our schedule of play practice, gymnastics, girl scouts, and youth group.

Our life has been crazy and thrilling, with lots of ups and downs this month, but I have to say that it also has been one of my favorite times. God has been more than faithful to send me a special word at the perfect moment, or a friend who offers to spend an afternoon packing or bringing dinner so I can pack and not cook. I doubt if I'll ever be a fan of amusement park roller coasters, but I have to say, the ride that is my life... I'd wait in any line to do it all over again. With God, it's a thrill a minute!


Kathryn said...

Oh, girl, what a ride! So delighted for you, though, that all is going (relatively!) well on both ends of your relocation. A move is a move ... whether it's around the world or across town! Praying that the Lord will continue to uphold and strengthen you during all the transition and unexpected twists and turns. :-)

denaricer said...

Oh dear! What a hoot. I am happy that you got all your ducks in a row. It is not easy to buy and sell a house at one time. If the worrying doesn't get you the packing will! Please make sure you send me your new address...