Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing is ever simple...

Well, the sign says it all. Our house sold, and because we can never do things simply, the same day we signed the contract a frozen pipe burst and required an emergency (read expensive!) visit from the plumber and cleaning company.

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing, unscheduled day, but those plans rarely come to fruition around here. (A friend swears our family motto is "Nothing is ever simple with the Davis' ".) As I relaxed on the sofa with a magazine and the girls played wii , Rusty burst in the house and ran back and forth to the basement shouting out on each succesive trip "leak!", " I need help", "don't know where", "I can't find the shutoff valve". Then ultimately, the words I knew were coming, "Call a plumber!". Speaking to the chaos our lives often are, our girls barely raised an eyebrow, only later coming out of their wii stupor to ask what was going on with Daddy.

After getting the water shut off, and thankful that only a minor amount of water actually made it into the house, Rusty went for the shop vac to dry out the carpet. When he immediately came back in the kitchen, cradling his hand, I knew that couldn't be a good sign. Sure enough, as he reached in the shop vac, which apparently had recently been used to suction up glass, you guessed it, he sliced his hand! So he came in the kitchen to clean up, saying he hoped it wouldn't need stitches, (which unnerves me- that means it is bad. Don't look!)only to realize he had shut the water off and would have to douse his wound with purell until I could lug the water purifier upstairs from the basement fridge. So as he stood at the sink bandaging his hand, I opted for plan #2, calling in professionals to clean the mess. Servpro was more than happy to come and clean up minor water with major equipment and price tag. So much for my planned day of shopping.

So for the past 4 days we have had 5 industrial strength fans and a dehumidifier humming along in our basement, creating a wind tunnel of carpet. Sadie, the shih tzu, has enjoyed standing in the breeze, ears billowing behind her like a model in a fashion shoot, and is sure to be sorry to see them go today, although she will be alone in her sorrow. The hum is a bitter reminder of the check we had to write to cover this little venture, ouch, and I'm ready to move on. No pun intended.

Of course, we still wait to see if we actually will be moving, because as soon as we had a contract on our house, we offered a contract on the house we have been desiring for 2 months. On the same day another offer was given for the very same house. By neighbors on an adjacent cul de sac in our current subdivision. For a house in an entirely different neighborhood. What are the odds?

Oh, for us I'd say pretty good. After all... "nothing is ever simple for the Davis' !".

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Bev said...

Thrilled to hear it sold, praying you get the one you're bidding on. Our kids were outbid three times, went back to the one they originally wanted and are closing end of this month. Two houses ago, the day after we sold it, we had water in the basement too - your post brought back memories of running a wet vac and fans blowing all over the place!