Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

I often enjoy reading the daybooks at The Simple Woman, and today decided to join in.

Outside my window... cooler temperatures and overcast skies. Vivid yellow leaves . A cozy fall day.

From the learning room... teaching myself how to sew... learning about Egyptian pets, as I help Cailin prepare for Egypt Day at school.

From the kitchen this week... pumpkin bread...chicken divan for dinner tonight... menu planning for the rest of the week.

I am wearing... a Spotsy High School baseball shirt with running pants... the 3/4 length sleeves keep me toasty warm!

I am reading... "Summer" by Karen Kingsbury and "The Love Dare"

I am hoping... to accomplish lots of work today and get caught up with a big client's account before she moves this week.... for a peaceful week leading up to Cassidy's birthday party...

I am creating... order out of the chaos of our closets... a bedside organizer for the girls beds... our Thanksgiving menu... Christmas gift lists... ideas for handmade gifts.

I am hearing... Celtic flutes... the flicker of a Woodwick candle... gentle breeze rustling the leaves outside my office window.

Around the house... housebreaking the puppy... hanging pictures... purging excess stuff!

One of my favorite things... the sounds of fall.

Few plans for the rest of the week... girl scouts... last CYT class and Showcase... gymnastics... riding... Cassidy's birthday party... finding a costume for Cailin's Reformation Day celebration at school... helping out at the Fall Festival at church Friday night...traveling two days for business...Juliette Low birthday party that Cailin is chairperson of... menu planning and grocery shopping

A Picture Thought I am Sharing...

They crack me up! Posing with Peanut and Butter in their matching towels (sent as a gift from Aunt Donna).


Earthmommy said...

That sounds so peaceful...celtic flutes, a candle and the breeze. Thanks for that wonderful soothing image! Have a great day!

HDMac said...

Glad you joined in! Love the pic... darling!!!!!

gail said...

sounds like a wonderful day. glad you joined in on all the fun, i've only done it a couple times myself and its good.

A happy heart at home said...

Cute pic! I love fall, too. How is the "Love Dare" book? I saw "Fireproof."


Kim said...

I loved this post! What a need idea :)

Sounds like a busy but blessed week.

Jenny said...

I've been thinking about joining the Simple Woman's Daybook, too! I loved reading your post.

How's learning how to sew going? Are you using anything ( like a book) to help you learn? I really want to learn myself. My mom and I were just talking this weekend about it. She feels guilty because she never taught me when I was younger. I never really wanted to know how until recently. I think it's a great hobby. You should post some of your projects so we can encourage you!

The girls look so cute in their matching towels. And I love the names of their hamsters...too cute!

Anonymous said...

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