Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flying memories

Even though it has been several weeks since our trip, I just have to post these ... since my laptop has been on and off again since our return, I have only been able to open up my pictures occasionally. I love this photo NOT because it is flattering of me, but because it was the last leg of our journey home, and it was such a treat to be sitting with both my girls as we landed back in DC in the middle of the night. This was the final flight of my maiden flying journey and the relief at surviving it all was huge!

I love the fact that Rusty knows me so well, and knows exactly how to give me the dreams of my heart, while also helping me face fears and conquer them. Even though I had a lifelong paralyzing fear of flying, he helped me overcome it by facing it, and as a result I feel SUCH freedom. Most people can't understand, but one of my dear friends has the same fear, and I couldn't wait to call her and let her know I did it (and without meds- woohoo!).

OK, so Cassidy's eyes are closed... this is still one of my favorite shots. We were so proud of the girls carting their own little bags through the airport, and decided this is the perfect age to travel. They are old enough to be low maintenance (no diaper bags, carseats, juice boxes etc...), and yet young enough that they still genuinely enjoy being with us and are enthusiastic about everything we do. They adapted very quickly to air travel, and in fact managed the 4 hour flight to San Antonio sitting several rows up from me, on their own. Mid-flight, after the drinks and pretzels had been distributed, I heard the familiar 'ding" to summon a flight attendant, and glanced up to see the light above the girls illuminated. The flight attendant had been SO sweet to us (she was familiar with us since we were the lucky ones whose seats had been overbooked and she had scrambled to get us situated... knowing this was the girls first flight, as well as mine, she had been just precious in making us feel welcome and cared for.) As she responded to the girls, and I sat helplessly worrying about what in the world had prompted them to push a button asking for help, for pete's sake (!!), I saw her smiling politely and then she came to laughingly fill me in. Apparently Cassidy wanted a drink, and took it upon herself to make it happen. She politely asked for an apple juice for her and a sprite for her sister. Oh my. It was precious because this is the same shy bear who rarely will even order for herself in a restaurant. You can't go to Texas and not come home with a cowgirl hat, right?

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