Saturday, February 23, 2008

Like Little Kittens - edited

The girls have been sharing a room for 3 weeks, now, and despite Rusty's concerns about bickering, it has been the greatest thing we have done for our family. (Just like I told him it would be!).

This evening when we went in for tuck ins, the two of them were sitting side by side on their cozy love seat, listening to an Adventure In Odyssey c.d., and playing their Nintendo DS games. Each was doing her own thing, but they were together.

Earlier today, when they were supposed to be folding their laundry, I found them nestled under the down comforter as Cailin read Cassidy a story.

Finally, just now, as we checked on our sleeping girls before we turned in for the night, we found the two of them (and the dog!) asleep in Cassidy's bed, snuggled together like two little kittens.

What a gift we have given them in each other. Thank You God for those precious little lives.
EDITED: I had to laugh when I was awakened to Cassidy wailing, "Mooom! Cailin is being mean and took my covers and won't let me get back to sleep!". Still sweet... but normal sisters!


Penless Thoughts said...

Our girls always shared a room. What a sweet post. Made me smile :o)

Sniz said...

Your last comment about how sweet, but still sisters is such a true to life observation. It takes the one to make the other all the more sweet!

Janelle said...

Sweet! I love the image of your girls being so close together. Hopefully now and in the future.

Jenny said...

There is nothing better than when sisters get along. The whole house is peaceful. It's wonderful! My girls shared a room for about a year. They grew so close during that time. I think it's a great idea!

Kelly said...

That is sweet - I wish I would have had a sister to share a room with.

Bev said...

My sister and I shared a room til I was 13, and we still enjoy the memories we have of lying in bed at night, her singing old Elvis or Beatle songs, just talking in the dark til we fell asleep. Sharing a room can be the greatest thing!

Deidre said...

We need to move our 'almost' 3 year old to a big girl bed soon. I hesitate because I do not want to be without a crib in our house. Anyway, my girls love to 'snuggle' with each other at night, so we're thinking about buying a full size bed for just that. I love it that they want to. There is still plenty of bickering mixed in, but I know they love each other. Hey, it's the same with me and my husband. He may get on my nerves sometimes, but at the end of the day, I like to know he's near :)