Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm Baa-ck... Sorta

I have been on a break. Not planned. Just the result of life happening.

Loads of work stress. The kind that made me seriously consider quitting, despite the fact that it would mean giving up luxuries like food and electricity. Stress that consumed me night and day. The lack of sleep led to sickness. After one whole week of coughing and sleepless nights I devoted two hours to urgent care, where I was given the blessed Z-pack of antibiotics.

On Thursday Cassidy came home from school feeling rough, and by bedtime had a fever. The next day her fever was 103.5 and she tested positive for the flu- woohoo! Tamiflu for her, and lysoling of every surface.

Cailin has vacillated between feeling fine, playing outside with her friends, and feeling awful, hanging out with mommy on the sofa. Today she received her own prescrition of tamiflu, and will be spending another day home from school with Mommy.

Rusty even agreed to a visit to urgent care, and admits he's glad I insisted he go! Considering how horrendous he felt with the precious tamiflu (yes, that is 3 prescriptions in one weekend for the mighty flu fighting medicine), he can't even imagine how much worse without.

I finally conceded defeat and spent all of Sunday catching up with my new best friends, Jon and Kate Plus 8. I have wanted to see that show for awhile, and yesterdays marathon provided the perfect entertainment for me from 2-8. Pathetic, hm? I rarely give in to sickness, but this time I have embraced it and allowed myself to wallow in sleep and reality t.v. Boredom is getting the best of me, and if I don't get back on track I will get behind in my work again, and start the vicious cylce all over- ugh!

So tomorrow, while Cailin rests in her room, I will be back to work, and when I am caught up, back to blogging.

I can't wait!


ginny said...

Good to see your back and hoping you'll be feeling better soon. We all had that nasty junk too and it is awful. My cough is still wanting to hang on some from 5 weeks ago. Take care.

Jenny said...

I was so excited to see your post! I'm so sorry you've all been so sick. I can relate! We've just finished our Tamiflu prescriptions. Everyone we know has had some form of this "crud" that's going around. I'm praying that your whole family gets over it quick and that your job situation turns around and you can enjoy it again.
Praying for you everyday!

Bev said...

We read in the news this past week that 'the flu' had finally hit, and apparently it hit your home harder than most. Hope you are all feeling much better soon. xoxo

Janelle said...

I was wondering where you were hiding. I hope you and your family feel better! That sounds awful.