Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's the Simple Things

Things that are making me happy tonight...
  • Freshly laundered sheets and my down comforter turned down invitingly.
  • The giggles of sisters chasing each other through the house. The silence of a house full of sickness was deafening.
  • Knowing that tomorrow we all go back to our normal schedules.
  • The warmth of a fireplace on a cold and icy night.
  • Being able to actually find things in my recently straightened pantry, and not having canned goods fall on me when I open the door.
  • The sweet scent of my girls' hair after a restorative, hot soak in the bubbles.
  • Tussin with codeine cough syrup guaranteeing me a sound night's sleep.
  • Stink Doggy- Dog has an appointment with the groomer tomorrow.
  • A good book on my nightstand with only a few chapters left to enjoy. (Debbie Macomber's "Back on Blossom Street")

After having our routine and household turned upside down by sickness, I am truly thanking God for the blessing of a life full of normalcy.

Life is good.


Sniz said...

Sickness is depressing, mostly because it takes us out of our "normal" routine. I'm so glad you're all finally doing better!

Kelly said...

That's a great list - glad you are all feeling better!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you're getting back into the swing of things.
When you get a chance, stop by my blog. I have something for you. :)

Sniz said...

Hey, did you like Debbie Macomber's book?