Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taken Care Of

Whew! I managed to record all the debit transactions from the last 3 weeks (and it may or may not have been slightly more than the 20+ I had estimated!), clean out the two purses I had been juggling in December, and order my 2008 planner. I made the beds, picked up the surface clutter of the house, and washed a few more loads of laundry.

The laundry that had been waiting to be put away has diminished simply because we began wearing things from the baskets, and so they have now made their way on to the dirty laundry pile. Progress? Sure! At least they have moved from the top of the Christmas present pile to a more laundry appropriate setting.

Yesterday I began taking down the trees and piling the multitude of ornaments on the sofa, awaiting proper storage in their original boxes. Oh, I hate that job! I am a "big picture" type of person. I like to envision the beauty of Christmas, but I'm not so great with the details, like putting things in the correct boxes. A character flaw, admittedly, but it is a weakness that I am well aware of. Deciding to face my pathetic excuse for a work ethic head on, I pushed through the challenge and managed to completely dis-assemble the dining room tree. Feeling new strength from this success, I determined to finish the other, dreaded family room ornaments this afternoon.

God, in His infinite wisdom blessed me with a husband who dots the "i" in detail, and with the energy level of the energizer bunny. Rusty, bless that man's heart, managed to put all the ornaments in their tiny little boxes, and banished all remaining evidence of Christmas to the basement storage room, while I took Cassidy to a birthday party. I came home armed with a large diet coke from Sonic, ready to face my most dreaded job, and found it already done for me, by the one who had already done far too much of the putting away. I didn't ask, or even hint for him to do it. He voluntarily did it because he knew how much I dislike that task, and he wanted to help me out. Wow! What a gift.

I am so grateful that my heavenly Father also sees fit to step in and save me from myself, when I am in over my head. I'm so thankful that He sent Jesus, the One Who had already done far too much, to do even more by dying on the cross... for me. I am overwhelmed by His grace in my life, that allows Him to finish those "tasks" I start, but don't have the strength to complete on my own. I am so thankful that He only asks me to trust Him with my struggles, and that He is able and willing to fulfill His glory in my life.

I am so glad that I can rest in the shadow of His magnificence, and know that all is well.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

That was so sweet of your husband. It just made me smile from ear to ear.

Way to go, Mr. Feathered Nest!

Sniz said...

My husband did the same thing for me this year while I was at the store. I couldn't believe it! It energized me to finish up the little odds and ends with renewed vigor. Amen, what a blessing!

Janelle said...

This post sounded just like home to me. I am the big picture person and my husband is the details.

I love that you were surprised! How awesome.

Christy said...

Hey there I am Christy and I got here from Mama Sings.. I just read your a mommy who works from home too.. so Do I... what is it that you do ? I do recruiting for a company out of Palm Beach FL... It is nice to meet you. Your girls are just beautifuL!!

The Nester said...

I have to get saved from myself all the time. Apparently, I'm my worst enemy.