Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Inventors

So much to say and so many fun pictures of our time in the mountains, but that will have to be for another day, as I am trying to get some work done while the girls are still on their Christmas holiday.

They are absolutely delighting my spirit as they are working together in the basement, playing "inventors". They surfaced for a quick search of the house for magazines, glue, poster board, safety pins and paper clips, then quickly returned to their "studio" for some inventing. Oh, I can't even describe the pure joy that fills my heart to hear them working together (mostly- there was some debate about one c0-captain wielding a little more power than the other!) and creating. I am eager to see their inventions, especially with the recent additions of glue and glitter paint!

Hope your heart is full of peaceful joy. Mine sure is.


Jenny said...

It's great when sisters enjoy being together. I would love to see what they create! Have a great day!

Janelle said...

It makes my heart sing when my kids work together and get along. I love it and you are right. It is peaceful.

Glad to hear your holidays were wonderful!

Sniz said...

Yesterday, my girls spend several hours together in their room creating and playing restaurant. I love it when they play together with such love and obvious enjoyment because it doesn't happen too often, only because the older one isn't as interested in that sort of play as she used to be. I'm so glad your heart is full of so much joy!