Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back In The Saddle

Even though the girls return to school Monday, vacation ended officially for me today as we ventured out of our cocoon for a day filled with girls' activities. After a late night out at bunco with my girlfriends, I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:15 to iron and pack up the girls horse show attire. Typically I would not leave this task until the morning of the show, but I take vacation to heart, and I couldn't muster the energy to prepare until the last possible moment. Shockingly we made it to the barn on time, and with a minimum of threats, to boot! The girls had a fabulous day and didn't even complain about the arctic temperatures, although they probably didn't feel them since they weren't still for the entire 6 hours that I stood shivering on the "sidelines". (OK, I realize it couldn't technically be called a sideline since it isn't a sports field, but really, what else should I call it? It's really more a metaphor for this stage of my life, perpetually standing on some "sideline" watching someone perform or practice something!).

Anyway, they had loads of fun, we took loads of pictures, and the girls managed to bring home their first ribbons. I managed to even squeeze in some catching up with mommy friends, as we coerced our husbands to make a starbucks run.

We made it home in time for Daddy to catch the last half of the Redskins game and some wardrobe changes before heading out to Cailin's Winter Voice Recital. Finally around 9:00 we made it home and are camped out watching movies. Whew! I guess we are really back in the saddle of this crazy ride we call our life!

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Jenny said...

Ohhh~I love the picture of your girls! How exciting that they both received ribbons! We have not experienced a show yet...but I know it's coming. I think that it's great that your girls are able to participate together. Macy so desperately wants to ride when we go to Meagan's lessons. I have a feeling she is going to take to horseback just like her sister. I have A LOT of learning to do!!! Have a great Sunday!