Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Girlfriend Network.

I swear by the girlfriend network.

When I want to try out a new restaurant, store, or haircare product (and anything else- but you get the idea!) I don't go to the yellow pages, I go to my girlfriends. They are trustworthy and like what I like, generally speaking, so their suggestions carry more weight with me.

I have found the barn where my daughters ride, the paint color for my dining room, and even the church we recently visited, all through conversations with my friends. Moms spend hours in our little camp seats on the sidelines of soccer and field hockey practice. If we aren't sharing tips to make our lives easier we may default to gossip! This is a much more productive use of time, and everyone loves to share their opinion.

Well, recently, as I logged onto a blog to write out the items needed from Home Depot to paint a cabinet, I realized that the blogs I read are an extension of that network!

As I thought of the many times I implement a suggestion gleaned from a blog, I have to confess, the concept that I am making choices and purchases based on total stranger's recommendations gave me pause. I mean, I read about these ladies daily lives, but they have no idea who I am, and I only "know" them by their writing. Seems a little questionable, but I do love me a good referral and so I trusted and shopped. And shopped.

Now my home has acquired quite a few items based on recommendations, and I have even picked up some sweet homemaking habits, and I must say that they have all been exactly what I hoped. So the girlfriend network lives on... in the new 21st century version- the blogging "girlfriend" network.

I thought it might be fun to actually list some of those ideas and items, and where they came from:-)

From "A Chelsea Morning"
Making flannel blankets (for the homeless shelter)
Glade scented candles
Yummy asparagus salad
Febreezing my shih-tzu

From "In The Midst Of It"
Embroidery books
Menu Planning / Grocery list
Doing a load of laundry every morning
Burning peppermint oil - yum!
Parenting book

From "Scratchin' The surface"
Homemaking Books
I am encouraged to learn to sew after reading about her quilts and time spent sewing with friends.

From "BooMama"
Plaid pajama bottoms from WalMart last winter- still some of my faves!
Ohmyword the best pork tenderloin recipe EVER!

From "BigMama"
Mississippi Sin Dip
Color slicks lip gloss

I am sure I will add to this list. I wish I could link, but that is something still a little "too" 21st century for my sad little computer skills!

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Janelle said...

Girlfriends matter and so do their opinions. I love the friends that I can ask anything of. Although I was led into buying a super-cute dress for a birthday party. Maybe I need a little self-control...just maybe.

Love your blog-links. Those are some of my favorite ones, too.