Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In "The Batlle Belongs to The Lord", Joyce Meyer reminds that we are to stay in our calling, using our energy for that which God has called us specifically to. Though many things are good, they are not our best, and could be better served by others, working in their particular area of gifting. She recalls a time when her ministry was in a building phase, and instead of overseeing the project, she assigned someone else to the task, so she could remain focused on praying, studying, and ministering. She relinquished control of things that were not essential so she could remain in the narrow will of God for her life.

It made me question what I would consider my priority? What would God say is my first ministry and focus in this life?I have to say first, obviously, is relationship to Him. Guarding my time alone in His Presence, soaking up His wisdom and love, filling my spirit with that Holiest of Holies. I need this before there is anything else in my life. All else follows from the anointing of His Spirit in me.

But what next is of greatest value? My job? Friendships? Making our home beautiful or keeping up with the laundry? All of these are important, "good", but none of these are essentail or eternal. The eternal value in my life is sharing my faith with my girls and training them up in the way they should go.

God says where your treasure is, there your heart is also. I can look at my life, and see where the bulk of my time and resources are spent to see where my heart is. Is it on my girls and things of faith? Or is it on facebook and blogging? Mindless pursuits that are not bad, but are not furthering my goal of living out my calling.

I want to have an eternal impact, I want to fulfill that wonderful call God has placed on my life. I will.

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