Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Despite Rusty being out of town, we made it up on time, to school on time, and I am almost fully made up for the day. Eyeliner missing due to its abduction by one of the teenagers in this house! We even managed a detour to Starbucks on the way. Woohoo! So out of the ordinary that it is definitely noteworthy.

Also worth mentioning, I slept peacefully all night, without the usual terror that accompanies my "home alone" nights. That is a first for sure, maybe resulting from the fact that I crashed with Cailin in the king size guest bed she has claimed for herself. Discovering that she talks in her sleep was a bonus, a fact that made her very nervous. Hmmm..

So today I am feeling very thankful, for sleep and a relatively happy morning, but there is more, always more to remember...

red bud tree in full bloom outside the kitchen window
thunder and gray skies
a lunch date with fun friends
parents who still fret over me being home alone
my electric lap blanket that keeps me toasty
remembering my Power of a Praying parent book

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