Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happies despite the germs.

I am deciding to count my blessings instead of whining about my week. In an effort to do this, I am going to list some Happies from today:

  • All bad germs have almost left the premises, after 6 consecutive days of high fevers and general yuckiness.
  • Today was the last day of school for 10 days- woohoo!
  • Nana and Papa are coming to watch the girls so I can do some last minute shopping.
  • Nana will help me get the house in order, and will help out tomorrow, too, if I still haven't found shoes for Easter.
  • Tomorrow I get a mani-pedi (so do the girls) and a spray tan. I may not have lost 30 pounds but a tan will take off at least 10, right?
  • Dinner is simmering in the crockpot.
  • In less than 48 hours we leave for 5 days of family fun time in San Antonio. Sea World- here we come!
  • Despite sickness, dwindling bank accounts, and falling behind in my work, I am incredibly blessed and know it! I am blessed with the knowledge that tomorrow marks the day my Savior died for me, and it makes everything else seem trivial in comparison. When I stop to think about all that tomorrow celebrates I want to just dance, and weep, because it is too good a gift to believe.


Brenda said...

Wow! Manicure/Pedicure and a spray tan? You are really getting pampered this week!

Hope you all have a great time in SA!

Sniz said...

What a sweet post. I, too, feel so blessed that my savior died for me. Thinking of His sacrifice makes me cry and smile at the same time.

Jenny said...

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

I would love to hear how your trip to Sea World goes. We're thinking about taking the girls sometime this summer. I haven't been in years.

Have a great time!

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy and have a ball.