Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catching Up

I'm not sure why, but I have felt extremely laid back about household chores recently. Typically my weekends are a revolving door of home improvement projects and organizing; nesting seems to be what energizes and restores me. Maybe it was the bout with the flu that slowed our household down, but recuperation has not returned my energy for putting the house back together after rearranging and painting two rooms.
Cassidy's old room, now the girls playroom, mocks me every time I pass by. Toys strewn everywhere, bags of clothes to sort through, cd's haphazardly boxed and spilling onto the shelves. Yuck! Since I can, I have been closing the door and pretending it is a closet... no messes here, everything in order folks. Ha! Finally I am admitting the truth- I have a "junk room". Something must be done.
So I am tackling it now, with the intention of at least putting things where they belong. I may still have to purge and paint some bookshelves another day, but for today my goal is to be able to walk into the room without fear of stepping on a plastic horse or barbie.
Wish me luck... I'm going in!


Sniz said...

Good luck!!! Wow, do I understand what you are talking about. Occasionally, the mess I've been living with makes me SO MAD it is impossible for me to live with it FOR ONE MORE SECOND! There's never an end though, that's what really burns.

Brenda said...

What? No before and after pictures?

Jenny said...

Oh...You sound just like me lately! I decided to clean out 2 hall closets and get rid of some bookshelves that were taking up too much room. I sorting my way through all of the stuff left over that has no home now! Yuck! I'm real tempted to get some big trash bags and call it done!